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01 November, 2013

7 Reasons You Are Absolutely Required to Educate Policymakers

Rachel Patterson, MPA
AUCD Policy Analyst

You're tired of hearing it.
Washington is "broken". 
Hyper-partisanship. Ugh
We're tired of writing it.

Cory from Boy Meets World waves his arms and screams

But this means it's even more important to get involved.

Here's 7 reasons why:

1. You know disability issues.
You're in training programs, you research and teach about disability issues, you work with people with disabilities, you have disabilities yourselves. You know what's going on.

Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory says

Only you can tell this story.
Kurt tells Rachel
You know what’s working and what’s not working.
Barney on How I Met Your Mother Says

2. They want to hear from you.
Members of Congress care deeply about their constituents. They want to know what’s going on in their states and districts and it’s your job to tell them. Plus, they want to get re-elected.
Call Me Maybe
Capitol Switchboard: (202) 224-3121.

If anyone tells you that Congress only listens to lobbyists and other powerful influences… well….
Vice President Joe Biden says,

3. AUCD is here to help.
Stylist on the Hunger Games  says

4. It's easy!
Set up meeting, send an email, tweet – anything! AUCD’s Action Center links you directly to your members’ phone number, email, and social media. And, as we covered in point #2, they want to hear from you.
Way easier than this.
Haymitch Abernathy tells Katniss
More like this. 
Ron Swanson says

5. Then you get to hold them accountable for what they told you.
Barney says
And even build a relationship where they call you when they have disability questions.
Man looks incredulous and asks

6. You might just change things.
Kurt's Dad on Glee says

And feel awesome…
Robin on How I Met Your Mother does a victory dance

We'll be so proud
Tim Gunn, from Project Runway, says

7. Even if you disagree with your current representatives you should still meet with them, learn about the issues, and educate your neighbors. Then vote for someone else.
President Bartlett says

And then next time someone wants to know about policy, you can be all:

Blane tells Kurt

Convinced? TAKE ACTION!