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03 May, 2010

Reading for Job Hunters: What Color is Your Parachute

This isn’t meant to be an advertisement and it might be a little cliché, but just over a year and a ½ ago, I was looking for a job and the one thing that everyone kept suggesting is that I read What Color is Your Parachute. I was completely hesitant, skeptical even. I had been on the job hunt for 3 months already, in what ultimately turned into a 6 month search, and I think this book came to me at a great time. It’s at about 3 months of looking for a job where you start to get really down on the processes, and down on yourself. As I talked with friends, this book kept coming up, so I finally broke down and got a copy. What I found was pleasantly surprising. There were so many tips and tactics that I hadn’t thought of. From self marketing, to interview tips, to ways to getting a foot in the door, this book really covered it. I had a very humbling moment where I realized that even though I had been employed before, there were things I did not know about applying for jobs.
During this job search process, I was living with my parents. Once they saw me holding a copy of this book, they laughed and said “I think we have one of the editions of that book from the 80s down in the basement” (side note: my parents are guidance counselors). Apparently, it’s a job hunters cult classic, that gets updated annually. Who knew? Certainly not me. Lucky for me I have smart friends who recommend helpful items at the right time. I now recommend this book to everyone I know who is looking for a job. I know it might seem like you’ve got the resume and cover letter writing down, but there is more to it. Thanks to this book I was prepared for my interview here with AUCD, which luckily led to employment!
Also, if you are jobless and penniless, there are copies at your public library.


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